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Powerball Daily Results with Jackpots, Winner States and Numbers with Analysis

Detailed information on Powerball jackpot amount, jackpot and second prize winner states, number checker, numbers statistics and analysis are available from 2010 to the latest draw date. Just select the date you are interested in from the following calendar.


What to expect on the Powerball daily results pages

  • Powerball Winning numbers with checking tool
  • Final Powerball jackpot amount for that draw both annuity and cash option
  • States where the winning Powerball jackpot and second prize tickets are sold together with the number of winning tickets.
  • Powerball numbers analysis with relative frequency for all draws and the last appearance performed on the date specified.
  • Analysis of all Powerball numbers for all draws as well as for the current matrix. The analysis includes, among other things, the number of times drawn, the draws that each numbers is skipping, record skips, and relative frequencies. The analysis results are presented on tables as well as charts with the possibility of sorting (arranging) by parameters of your choice.

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