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Check Your Powerball List of Numbers for 4/23/2014

This tool is used to check a list of Powerball numbers, usually generated by various lottery wheels and lottery combination generators, against the winning numbers of Wednesday, April 23, 2014. The amount you win for each match (if any) plus the total winnings will be calculated and listed. You can use this tool for draws of January 2010 and later. For first time users, a brief instruction of usage is available further down.

List your set of numbers
Summary of winnings

Powerball Results for Wednesday, April 23, 2014
Winning numbers : 19-25-29-36-48**12
Jackpot : $148.8 million
Jackpot winners : FL:1
2nd Prize winners : CA:1, CO:1, IN:1, MD:1

Note that all winnings must be claimed within a certain period of time that varies from state to state. This prize claiming period is 180 days for most states, while others have from as low as 90 days to as long as 1 year.

As stated in the Terms Of Use of this web site, we do not guarantee the accuracy of the data and results presented here.

Usage Instructions

  • Type or paste a set 5 Regular numbers plus an extra ball number inside the left box. The 5 numbers may be separated from each other by a comma, hyphen, or space. The extra ball number MUST be preceded by a double asterix (**). If you have added the PowerPlay option, type x at the end. Use one line for each set.

  • The order of the regular numbers doesn't matter. Also, you may or may not place a zero before a single digit number. For example, 49-22-1-33-09**1 is a perfect entry. But the tool will later show a formatted and sorted line as 01-09-22-33-49**01 in the results.

  • Examples of correct entry:
    02-13-25-43-44 ** 02
    25 44 2 , 13 -43**2
    25 44 2 , 13 -43**2x

  • Examples of INCORRECT entry:
    02-13-25-43-44 ** 02, 1-2-3-4-5**6 (two sets on a line)
    02-13-25-43-44-02 (no ** before extra ball number)
    02-13-25-43-44 ** 02x4 (x is just enough to denote PowerPlay, multiplier number not required)

  • You can enter up to 2000 sets of Powerball numbers, if you list more lines, only the first 2000 will be processed.

  • Once you have listed the numbers, click on the CHECK button. Each one of the listed sets will be compared to the Powerbal winning numbers of the selected date (Wednesday, April 23, 2014 for this current page) and all of them will be re-listed with matches highlighted, and with winning amounts (if any) appended. At the same time, a summary of monetary rewards will be listed on the right. The button on the left bottom will be changed to allow you list only winning lines.

  • To check your list of numbers for another date, select the date from the top right calendar of date selector. You can check your list of Powerball numbers from January, 2010, though you cannot cash-in your winnings of old draws.

To check just single sets of numbers one a time you can use the numbers checking tool.

Select another date to check your list of numbers.

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